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Virtual Meeting: September 16, 2011

Page history last edited by Erin Blake 11 years, 6 months ago

Summary of Virtual Meeting, September 18, 2011

Present: Erin Blake, Ellen Cordes, James Eason, Marcy Flynn, Lenore Rouse, Helena Zinkham


Worked on Appendix B. Collection-level records

  • Reiterated that an "archival description" could be a single MARC record, formulated according to ISAD(G) elements. In other words, remember that archival descriptions derive from ISAD(G) and bibliographic descriptions derive from ISBD. Either can be expressed in a variety of formats.
  • Discussed the complication that "bibliographic description" as defined in the glossary excludes access points, but an archival description is thought of as being the whole package (what would be considered the "catalog record" in bibliographic description). Marcy forwarded definitions of "Archival description," "Bibliographic description," "catalog," and "finding aid" from the SAA glossary, and definitions of "Description" and "Descriptive record" from DACS.
    • Note from Erin while writing this up: I just checked DACS, and the definition of "access point" is "A name, term, keyword, phrase, or code that may be used to search, identify, and locate an archival description." In other words, this might not be such a big deal after all: looks like both communities have split between the formal definition of "description" and the notion that creating a description includes all the things that go into a catalog or finding aid.


Added terms needing definition to the glossary

  • archival description: to be drafted by Mary, Marcy, and Lenore in conjunction with "bibliographic description"
  • description: "see archival description, bibliographic description"
  • inscription: to be drafted by Ellen (keeping in mind that an "inscription" means something different in rare book cataloging than it does for art historians)


Discussed two versions of Appendix B1.3 drafted by James


Other changes to DCRMGv7_3_IN_PROGRESS made after the meeting

  • some of James' edits to Appendix B last spring missed getting into the document until just now! Please see AppB_JamesQuestions.doc for two that need discussion, excerpted from DCRMGv7_3_IN_PROGRESS.doc
  • changed from B1.3.1 through B1.3.3. from paragraph numbering to unnumbered bullet points in order to match the standard formatting




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